BOK club 

 After-School Drama 

·         Affordable

·       Inclusive

·     Exciting

·    Fun

Our clubs allow children to access drama in a supportive and safe environment.

Children will be working as a team, enjoying themselves, developing some skills and feeling proud of their creation at the end.

They consist of ten/twelve weekly sessions over a term and children will work with professional actors, having fun and working towards a short show for friends and family.

We believe that having access to drama is fundamental - to give children the best communication skills for life, to boost confidence, to improve teamwork and to encourage safe and fair play.

Comments from members:
'I enjoyed everything!'

'Thanks to you. I have been pushed to my full potential.'

'I love drama club, it is awesome!'

'It was a lot of fun.'

'I would like drama club to stay the same and to carry on doing what it does, I really enjoy drama and acting.' 

If you want us to provide this for your school and would like further information, contact us now:

                                                                    Tel:  07900 460596