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The J.C. Legacy

A one-man show following the Olympic legend that is James Cleveland Owens (aka: Jesse Owens).

High paced, theatrical, entertaining - you are taken on Owens' journey to becoming the first African-American to win four gold medals at one Olympics, the 1936 Olympics in Berlin during the Nazi regime.

Through his trials and tribulations we see how his story addresses issues of morality, citizenship, civil rights and segregation.

This theatrical experience should leave anyone inspired and moved to believe they can achieve anything with Jesse's coach, Charles Riley's words in mind:

'You need grit and determination, along with dedication and hard slog.'

Running time: approx. 50 minutes.

(+ After-show Q+A is available if desired)                                                                   

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J.C. Legacy Testimonial:

'Both my class and I thought that the Jesse Owens drama was outstanding. It clearly put across the importance of his achievements alongside the hardships of his life. The writing and concept of having one actor playing Owens throughout his life alongside all the other characters was effective and at times, mesmerising. His Alabama accent was especially convincing. We also like the use of the only prop and how there was some audience participation. It certainly got the children and myself talking and thinking about his achievements in the face of adversity.'

Simon Frost, Year 5 teacher at St. Luke's Primary School.

A WW1 Piece

This piece theatrically looks at The Great War and has our favourite anonymous quote in mind as an aid to learning: ‘If you tell me, I will hear. If you show me, I will see. But, if you make me feel, then I will understand.’

From the patriotic excitement and propaganda, to the boy soldiers, trench life, poets and shell shock victims — we seek to bring the reality of the overall event to life, taking the audience on a roller-coaster of emotions.

'Tomorrow - perhaps not a distant tomorrow - war may be abolished forever from the category of human crimes.’ David Lloyd George on America's Entry into the War, April 12th 1917

Running time: approx. 50 minutes.

(+ After-show Q+A is available if desired)                                                 

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A WW1 Piece Testimonials:

'Gold dust' for GCSE students.' 

'Quality of the acting was superb.' 

Naomi Oliver, Head of Theatre Studies/Teacher of English at Poole High School.

‘I enjoyed that we were involved in the acting because I could feel the emotions of the characters and it created a really good atmosphere.’

‘I really liked the imagination that went into it. It was really interesting and I enjoyed it a lot. Thank you.’

‘I liked how you used the audience.’

‘Really effective and emotive and the information was really interesting.’

‘I really liked your use of props.’  

‘It got the things across that you will remember and will stick with you. The multi-rolling was effective as it was smooth.’ 

‘I liked the use of mime.’  

‘I really got into it.’  

‘It was amazing.’ 

Drama and History student comments.

Pirate Paye of Poole

Drawn from local history and inspired by Rosemary Manning's novel 'Arripay' and 'Harry Paye' by Herbert S. Carter, this interactive show brings the pirate life to life!

The audience are put in role as they must pass off as  apprentice pirates if they are to leave unscathed.

Meet Eve who disguises herself as a boy to be in Arripay's crew and introduces you to the infamous pirate Harry Paye as he takes you on a journey to relive his greatest adventures and learn some lessons along the way with your help.

But how many secrets will be revealed?

Running time: approx. 50 minutes.    

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The Isle of Bard


Four tour guides welcome the visitors and take them on a journey around the mystical, magical Isle of Bard - a place where the spirits of Shakespeare’s characters roam, waiting to embody their human form, play-out their favourite scenes, sing-out their favourite lines and touch their spectators' hearts!

The tour enables people to be actively involved and immersed in Shakespeare’s work. It aims to ignite and infuse their imagination, giving context to the most famous lines and scenes in a fun and accessible way. It will be an introduction to Shakespeare that aspires to make anyone go away unafraid and excited to read and see more of his work.


Key scenes/speeches from:

· As You Like It

· A Midsummer Night's Dream

· Much Ado About Nothing

· Twelfth Night

· Henry IV, Part 1

· Henry VI, Part 1

· Richard III

· Romeo and Juliet

· Julius Caesar

· Macbeth


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The Isle of Bard Testimonials:

‘An amazing experience.’ Chiara, aged 11.

'An excellent introduction to Shakespeare. Mine were enthralled. We need more of this!' 

Clare, parent, aged 46.

'It was great.' Rosie, aged 6.

'Really, really enjoyed it! Loved the interaction, which not enough theatre performance, let alone Shakespeare do.' Maria, aged 20.

'Wish I could have had such a production when I was at school!!' Clive, Grandad.


       Interactive performance and after-show workshop!

· Bring extra special magic to your pupils.

· Bring them the magic of live theatre! 

  The Gingerbread Man...

…like you’ve never seen or heard it before!

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The Gingerbread Man Testimonials:

‘It’s magical, engrossing and beautifully written.’ Amy Bratley, freelance journalist and author.

‘The children were really engaged and joined in... they certainly will remember the story far better than if we had just read them the story.' Yvonne Kay, teacher, St. Luke's CofE Infant School.

Alternatively, is there another theme, topic or story you want the powerful tool of theatre to tackle?

Just ask and we can create a piece tailored to your requirements! 

It's what we do - create theatre and bring it to you, BOK style.

'Thank you for tailoring your performance to our topic - there was nothing similar available and we really appreciate your individual performance created exactly for us.'

Jas Chisman, teacher, St. Luke's CofE Infant School. 

Past Shows
BOK Theatre OLYMPIC Shows

We created two exciting shows themed on the Olympics to enthuse, involve

and inspire pupils about the major world event that came to Britain in summer 2012!

The J.C. Legacy is being revived for 2016.

Below is the show we created for a younger audience:

Captain Oly

Recommended for Reception, Key Stage 1 and lower Key Stage 2.

A personification of the spirit of the Olympics has crash landed into your school!

Captain Olympic needs the pupils’ help to get back home and the only way they can help him is by working together through a series of team building trials.

The energetic, fun and highly interactive one-man show helps to remind pupils of the Olympic values.

Running time: approx. 40 minutes.


Captain Oly Testimonials:

'All teachers thought the pupils really enjoyed it - there was a lot of laughter throughout.'

St. Luke's Primary School.

Quotes from Year 1 pupils:

'I liked the Olympic bit where he did the sports really quickly'
'It was great because he was funny because he was getting the Olympic hoops'
'Funny - the invisible wall - it was great'
'Funny - he was hiding behind the curtain - it made me jump as well'
'I really like the mission'
'I like the Olympic flag and learning the flag colours'
'Amazing - what he did when he stuck the hoops on his dressing gown'
'Funny when he fell on the floor'

'An impressive one man show. Good engagement with the children.'

Year 1 teacher, Heather Mitchard.