'Tailored, individualmagical, engrossing, beautiful, interactive, enthralling, excellentamazing, outstanding, mesmerising, funny, impressive, engaging'

... a few testimonial words expressed about BOK...

...what we say...

We are an informative, interactive, inclusive theatre company that uses the powerful tool of theatre to tackle any subject. We specialise in creating tailored theatre and workshops anywhere for anyone and providing exciting, affordable, accessible after-school drama clubs for children.

We devise Didactic and Applied Theatre - breaking away from the realms of the norm and creating interactive theatre anywhere. Theatre that is not only entertaining, but can also teach, create a debate on a topical issue and look at the human condition.

Our theatre is stripped back to its bare essentials – an actor in front of an audience – interacting, creating magic and igniting the imagination through live raw storytelling.

Part of this year's 
Plymouth Fringe Festival
The Sting in the Tale Festival


The informative, interactive, inclusive theatre company.
Why bθk?!

b θ k are the phonetic symbol for 'b' 'th' and 'c' which stands for benefit theatre company.

θ is also Theta, which is the eighth letter of the Greek alphabet. Theatre started in ancient Greece and we want to go back to the core of what theatre is about.

Oh, and we just like the sound of the word 'BOK'!

Members of the UK trade union for professional performers and creative practitioners 

Created with support from The Prince's Trust 

Tel: 07900 460596 

Email: bokbok.ckp@gmail.com